BIEN FAIT: The concept

We select well made, useful objects for your home!

bien fait - à propos
bien fait - à propos
bien fait - à propos

Who's hiding behind Bien Fait?

The dream shop of a committed woman

She was born with the idea of saving the planet! Lorraine Bonduelle graduated with masters degrees in both photography and sustainable development from prestigious French universities. In daily life, Lorraine is committed to reducing her carbon footprint. Bien Fait is her dream shop: useful, beautiful, long-lasting, sustainable objects developed with the traditional know-how of craftsmen; objects that have a meaning for her and for them. With Bien Fait, Lorraine proposes an ecological and economical lifestyle, so that the Earth can keep spinning and we can all enjoy it!

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These gestures are good for you!

Touch, matter, nature... mindfulness

Sharpening a knife, cooking your own yoghurts, using a solid shampoo or composting your waste are all ways to connect with matter, hence to nature. Performing these daily gestures will help tear you away from your thoughts and make you feel fully present in the physical world, as well as helping you connect with others.

bien fait - à propos
bien fait - à propos
bien fait - à propos

What is a Bien Fait object?

Bien Fait products are long-lasting, efficient tools. They help us reduce our ecological footprint.

A Bien Fait product is designed for life. It is manufactured using reasonable quantities of matter, water and energy. It is an efficient tool for daily life. It brings grace to daily gestures. It has a soul, it lives and helps contribute to a totally harmless life for people and nature.

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Simplicity as a lifestyle

Less but better

Bien Fait objects are both useful, beautiful and sustainable. They bring simplicity at home just as they bring harmony in daily life. They are part of our personal transition towards a happy, simple, green lifestyle. They help us reduce our consumption, do more ourselves, save money: They empower us! Now we can avoid wasting half of our loaf of bread thanks to the bread bin, we can save the soap on a dry soap-holder, and we can keep our beautiful, hard-wearing pencil-sharpener and our refillable ballpoint for ever!

bien fait - à propos

Built to last

A solution to foreseen obsolescence

Bien Fait objects are chosen because they are high quality, long-lasting goods. They were produced by the book and with concern for people and the planet. Low-tech and simple, they tackle foreseen obsolescence. These are objects which just get better with the passing of time. Purchasing them does have a cost, but it is well worth it because they will be both economical in the long run and so pleasant to use.